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Positions in Contemporary Art from the 1970´s
to the present , 5 cr/op

Course Description


Barbara Sonvill


This course will explore the multi-faceted world of contemporary art from the 1970´s to the present and will examine selected "chapters" of its complex history. Over the last 3 decades, a far more global picture of art-making has evolved, thus a broad array of contemporary artists and their work will be presented and discussed. Major themes like Concepts of land and nature in contemporary art, the human body as "object" of the art; Performance and the self-dramatization; the development of multimedia artistic practices as well as works of photographers since the 1980´s that are still being debated and defined.

Aims and Learning Outcomes:

The lectures will focus on a diverse range of artistic media will provide you with illustrative and significant examples to enable investigation and analysis of specific issues and art works. The module will pay particular attention to the history and theory of performance art, installation and video. This course aims to develop your understanding of the artists´positions and concepts by assisting you to engage in critical discussions both about these works and about certain philosophical and theoretical issues concerning contemporary art.

In addition to the course there will be an opportunity for you to take part in selected exhibition tours to Helsinki galleries/museums, which will form a vital component of this course.

Lecture Issues:

  1. Performance - the Body as "object of art"
  2. Time and the Art of the moving image
  3. Art of their own - Image and Identity
  4. Staged Photography and Digital Manipulation
  5. Concepts on Nature
  6. Architecture without Shadow
  7. Inside / outside / between two cultures
  8. Sculpture, Space and Transcendance



Limit 20 students. This course is primarily open to Virt@ students and to foreign students at UIAH as well.

The course structure is mainly web based, utilizing an e-Learning environment. In addition to that, 3-5 contact teaching days are scheduled.

The detailed program should be specified and arranged shortly after the course has started.

Important notes for Virt@ students only:

All Virt@ students are welcome to participate in these additional contact meetings/guided exhibition tours, but it is not obligatory. However, to give Virt@ students the possibility to join in, exhibition tours will be offered on Friday evenings or alternatively on Saturday afternoons.

Participating Virt@ students will have one compulsory contact meeting (3-4 hours) during the Virt@ seminar in Helsinki (05. - 09.06. 2006).

Course Start/End Dates:

Scheduled start date: 27.2. 2006

Scheduled end date:
1. for Virt@ students: 20.6. 2006
2. for foreign students: 19.5. 2006



Course Description
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